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You have Freedom & then you Misery or in a mind set of misery. Most people until they grow up, wise up, & Christ up, attempt to find their freedom in things outside themselves. Real, pure, fountain of youth freedom comes internally-One From the Hart

Misery makes the body stink like a sewer. You stink of hypocrisy, lies, faithlessness, ego, contempt for others.

Experiencing freedom will mean to constantly be removing the oppressors & tormentors that have made a home in your mind & heart. This process is done through a collaboration, a team effort of God, someone who is for your betterment (not some enabler) &  work & sacrifice from you. Freedom means our mind, heart, & desires are in harmony with our actions & voice.

You must have conviction for hope in your life to expect freedom. The process of freedom requires the removal of oppressors & tormentors:  Cynicism, carrying vendettas & bitterness, regret, blame, comparing, self-pity, doubt, worry, fear, self-talk that goes against your betterment & God.

Pure personal freedom is the acquirement & sometime reacquiring the loss of self-control.  Pure internal freedom is discerning-protecting yourself from potential tormentors & oppressors.Independence; living the solitaire life is different from independence. With independence we seek the I AM RIGHT Life. With independence we want to be left alone with our tormentors isolated from any help, even secluded from a relationship with God-OFH

The world O God so fierce, so divisive, so frail, no matter how much you think you can insulate yourself from the world it will find its way into those inner cracks of your mind, heart, & soul & cut through you into a frayed piece of humanity unless you have a strong grip on your personal freedom. Van Morrison






About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona