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This is the Very Perfection of a Person, to Find Out Our Own Imperfections-St. Augustine

Let us take in account of ourselves, take account what we say, how we treat others,what words we commonly speak, the topics we dwell upon, the things we do, the things we should be doing but we avoid, our disposition, our character, & our relationship with God. Let us take in account our behaviors cause in all of truths we are the victims of our own behaviors.

Most of Us Live an Adversarial Lifestyle. Most of Us Place Ourselves in our Own Small World & are Afraid to Venture Out, be Approachable, & Find Our True & Authentic Self-OFH

Self-Awareness enables many portals; opportunistic chances to be seen & seized when otherwise were not when you were preoccupied with other self-destructive distractions. The 2 most potent instruments of action is: Self-Awareness & Prayer.

Self-Awareness means we are approachable & that means we are teachable, & that means we are changeable, & that means we are using the God given gifts & abilities to expand our boundaries & continually have Hope & with hope our hearts will gather Exuberant Faith & with exuberant faith we never will fear the uncertainty of life & that we will be the Risk Takers & as Risk Takers our lives will always be boundless & fearless & with that we shall have a Long & Invigorated Life! One From the Hart

Most of us in our self-righteousness would rather lay down opinions, comments, & of course judgement on others before we look at ourselves.Self-Awareness is fully grasping what your life has been under your supreme rule up to now!

Romans 12:2- Do not conform to the pattern of the world but be transformed by the renewing of the mind. 

The big part of Self- Awareness is to Know Your Lack. What is missing from your life? What is needed to get the outcomes in your life that you desire? What is missing morally from your life? Self-Awareness is pinpointing your lacks then having the guts & fortitude to find what you need to remove those lacks from your life through follow through, asking the right questions, & a willingness to be instructed & coached along.

The Greatest Burden We Have to Carry in life is SELF-Hannah Whittall Smith  So many of us are trapped in our self-righteous ways, our ridiculing, faulting, condemning, opinions, that we are unapproachable to anything or anyone even God.

Self-Awareness is our personal empowerment to liberate us from the lies & other mental & emotional garbage we have allowed to pile up inside us. You have to put on your big boy,big girl pants & mature up & remove your self-defeating thoughts, self-defeating habits, & self-defeating beliefs & be willing to authentically make changes.

Awareness means: I Take Notice. Do you want the longevity of Joy or the temporary comfort of happiness? That is one of the big questions in the process of Self-Awareness. I am willing to take the blinders off & notice my life. With Self-Awareness I am willing to arise & be in many processes that will take me to the outcomes I have always desired.


Worldly things, worldly ways, are about comfort. Worldly things & worldly ways, & worldly philosophies are about self-gratification, about entitlement & about the avoidance of pain & sacrifice & accountability. One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, Come out of your phony bullshit, come out of your fake act & embrace yourself in truth. Embrace what God wants from you. When you become aware of who you are you’ll find out we were not made for comfort, we were made strictly for greatness & that takes knowing what you believe in, where you want to go with your life, & dedicating yourself to realizing it. One From the Hart























About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona