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Things to Give Up to Have a Clutter Free Mind… * Overthinking * Negative Thinking * Mind Conversations * Fearing Change * Know It All Attitude * Reasoning * Thinking You Are in Competition With Others; With Life. * Taking Things Personal                                                                      

Purposeful Life is a Noticing Life. Purposeful Life is one that sets boundaries on what one can & can not do. This keeps out all the unnecessary things that can pull you away from your focus & mindset. A Noticing life, an alert life, an aware life is one where you first face life squarely in the face.

The child in us wants appeased. The child in us wants to be constantly soothed & removed from the pain & sacrifice it takes to celebrate a life.This hurried life today is overwhelmingly influenced by the hand held devices we have allowed to be our main method of making decisions. It has become the candy store in our lives offering the instant gratification we crave so we can get through our daily routines-OFH 

We focus, we choose a mindset, & then we include hard work, follow through, determination, & through it all we have clarity of time, place, & what we are doing. When does someone arrive to the decision that it is up to them to take charge of who they are & the type of person they desire to be? 

Let us at an early age acquire the empowerment of maturity,wisdom, & faith & be masters of our steps in time-One From the Hart

Without Mindset there is no navigation out there in the sea of life.Without a defined & confirmed mindset to move on with your life all you are is drifting along. You must be your undivided attention in order to get the outcomes you have only been thinking about

You have been given the power to be the guardian of your thoughts. It is up to you to take charge of what enters, what stays in head & influences you. The strong mind set stays away from playing the victim, from looking for blame & excuses.A strong mindset will take you to the destiny you seek as long as you remain the authority figure of your thoughts. 

Aim to Action & be Deliberate in those Actions in the place that allows you called the Present. Focus & mindset can only be applied & thrive in the present or in reality. That is where all the action can happen otherwise all you have is talk. The present time offers opportunities, potential breakthroughs, & a chance of celebrating something positive about yourself. A mindset that is connected to your heart generates the energy necessary to push beyond your once self-imposed limits-One From the Hart

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About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona