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Your Mind is the Lions Teeth                                                                                                                  The Eagles Wings                                                                                                                                    The Cheetahs Speed-TD Jakes

Focus & Focusing has everything to do with how your eyes & mind collaborate together. The simple act of paying attention can take you a long way.

How much of life, in opportunities, in relationships, & becoming the person we are intended to be gets missed, gets unnoticed, gets all entangled & fouled up because we fail to be alert & in-tuned to where we are? Reality is the here & now. Reality is the only place you will find God & have authority over your decisions & actions.

Focusing, staying focused is all about: Maturity, Discipline, Finding a a Mindset

How much of the time do we half-ass it, skim over it, hear bits & pieces because we never take the time to plant our total self in the moment, in the situation, or give total dedication to the person who can teach us, correct us, or provide better alternatives for our struggling & worried life. As the Days Are, So Shall They Strengthen Be.Deuteronomy 33:25

Without knowing & understanding what focus is all we are mostly doing everyday is living a life of perpetual motion & no desired outcomes to show for it-OFH

The secret to living a continuous life of energetic living, full of passion, filled with joy, & longevity is to learn to not get preoccupied by the world around you. Feed the focus, starve the distraction-Unknown

Better keep yourself clean & bright . You are the window through which you see the world. George Bernard Shaw

Focus & remaining steadfast to something is a form of positive energy. Steadfast means to be self-controlled  in a certain direction. It means to have an unwavering pursuit of a goal, an outcome.Most of us today have allowed ourselves to survive in a chaotic body from head to toe-One From the Hart

Here we are starting with the relationship with the eyes & our thoughts but this continues on & on throughout our bodies. The eyes, the mind, our hearing, our touch, our heart, our soul are all connected, bound to each other.Check out in the Bible these related verses; 1 Corinthians 12:12:31 & Matthew 6 : 22: 23

Are You a Dimwit or Someone Who Gives Off Light?

The eye can be the lamp, the light of your body or it can be so underused as a instrument of direction, new knowledge, new opportunities,  a valuable part of your bodily arsenal. If we are not vigilant of where we allow our eyes to go, what we dwell on, what we fixate on, eventually we will find ourselves backwards dimwits.

A dimwit is someone who is out of touch with reality, naive to what is currently happening, unaware of the facts, just moving about in life with no aim or purpose.

The eyes are objects that receive & emit light. In case you didn’t know our way of communicating is mostly through non-verbal communication. Eyes take in what we permit, what we concentrate on.  We have the choice where we want our eyes to venture to. Where our eyes go will reflect on our character. What I just mentioned is something to always include in your self-inventory of yourself.When you look at yourself in the mirror & self-search yourself take in account what you have been dwelling on? Are you focusing on the kind of things that will get you where you want to be?

Perhaps your life is not going the way you desire because your eyes are spending time on all the wrong things. If you believe that your eyes are the lamp of the body then you will focus on things that fuel that light. We are empowered to be guardians of our sight & our mind-One From the Hart

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About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona

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