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Let Your Intentions be Direct, Your Words Few, Your Goals Prioritized  & Concerned, & in the Process Your Life is Constantly Invigorated With New Hope! One From the Hart

Self-Control means to value & understand how time matters & the awareness of navigating through life. We accumulate stress, we are overwhelmingly worn by time when we lack timely follow through & fail to resolve problems as they accumulate-OFH

Three toughest things to ask of yourself…1. Take an honest account of your life, then seek change 2. Define what you want then put the work into it in order to get it. 3. Show up for your life & give full duty to it. OFH

Today I will focus on the day at hand. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing exaggerated, no expectations just what I have defined as: ACHIEVEABLE 

Today I will navigate through my life with a clear head, alert to my surroundings, & the 100% usage of my abilities & God given gifts.

And today I will reframe from getting trapped in gossip, in any negative conversation, slander, accusations, blame, or whiney King/Queen Baby waste of time.

It is in today I establish myself, not tomorrow, not someday. Today is where my opportunities are, the potential breakthroughs, the new people I can meet & learn from.


Today I pay attention to what I can do, what I have control over.








About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona