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Life is a progress, a passage through time,                                                                                        Not a station, never a stopping place                                                                                                    It is a progressing of events that lead to insight -Ralph Emerson

Insight would be categorized as Mental Alertness.  Insight very simply is the ability to see inward.Insight takes open-mindedness which is the pursuit of understanding.

Most people live a vague life & the only time they think past what is in front of them is in an emergency or when life is delivering them ultimatums. We over-think.What screws us up most in life is the juncture in our head of how its supposed to be. 

Our lives are not manifesting excellent results ’cause our focus & mindset is in the wrong place

The two essentials of having a healthy-potent mind is:  Mental Alertness  Peace of Mind. If we expect to have a steadfast pursuit of our goals & desires then we must have a “Fixed in the Now” state of mind. 

The Ability to be in the Present Moment                                                                                                  Is a Major Component of                                                                                                                Mental Wellness-Abraham Maslaw

To put one foot in front of the other is to begin a laborious slow process. This process is hard for all of us because we’ve been seduced by living life on the fast track.It is in the moment we can change our lives.There never was a moment & never will be that we are powerless to alter our destiny-Steven Pressfield

I have a friend who is a Navy Seal & has this personal rule that keeps him contained & focused about staying in the day, staying alertly in reality. He calls it the 3 Foot Rule in which he only gives attention to the three feet that surrounds him. He drives his family crazy with this & he will remind his kids sometimes by shouting out: 3 Foot Rule, 3 Foot Rule!

As days are, so shall your strength be.Another words we are given the strength we need in proportion to the day. I mean people who get depressed tend to spend more time in the past. People who allow themselves to get anxious & worried waste precious time figuring out what’s going to happen. Pour yourself into the day. Pour the best of yourself into the day & then let go.

Stop Measuring Yourself; day to day, year to year, birthday to birthday. Stop trying to figure everything out, & please stop comparing. Just enter your day anew & latch on to the promise it presents.

You will always be against yourself when you go beyond what you have the control & power to do. We self-sabotage our lives when we go on overload & think we are more capable of doing things than we actually can’t. Peace of Mind is far more important than intellect. Peace of Mind is putting the brakes on certain parts of our lifestyle & habits that is making you weary & fatigued. 

Peace of Mind is being in that daily groove where you are taking care of your business, paying attention to your priorities, taking authority of where your life is headed.

5 Ways to Have Peace of Mind…1. Practice Prayer Everyday 2. Remove All Mental Clutter 3. No Procrastination 4. Know What You Want & Pursue it one day at a time 5. Seek feedback & new knowledge from those who not appease you.
















































































About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona

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