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Sometimes the best decision you can make is not to think, refrain from analyzing, obsess, not imagining, or predicting; stay away from figuring out & just be still & quiet & as a bonus talk with God-One From the Hart

Focusing is having the Self-Control & the Maturity to settle down, to calm down, & appropriate the time, to a certain person, place, & purpose. Focusing is a discipline which can give you energy to have mental clarity & physical endurance-One From the Hart

Three things adults make it impossible to have appropriate time for: God, corrective information(Feedback) that can make their lives healthier, & expressing gratitude. 

The focused person is devoted to a specific portion of their life be it short term or long term to a vision they believe in. Precedence. What governs & rules your thoughts & attitudes? Precedence is the order of importance in your life. 

When you’re interested in something your thoughts are vague & lack precedence. You do it according to your convenience.  When something is important to you, when it takes on an uninterrupted meaning we then remove all the mental clutter & take on an embodiment, a new mature character & with Urgency we steadfastly get what we so desire!Success-happiness is a by-product of dedicated focus-energy & hard ass effort!

With Dedicated Energy we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Dedicated Energy gets us over any doubts we have, any fears, & it keeps us away from quitting & delivers us to getting results. You will find Dedicated Energy in the peace & quietness of Prayer, in the Bible, in Writing your specific thoughts & intentions down. One From the Hart

Focusing is the ability to shift mental gears without much notice; simplifying your thoughts to a single mindedness.When you stop being this fickle-uncommitted child you begin to embrace the process focusing, having a mindset, taking each day & applying work & experiencing breakthroughs that lead to the outcomes you seek! 

A Stumble Bum is someone who has avoided pinpointing what they want in life. There is no pursuit in a Stumble Bum. They may know a lot & brag on how much they know but as far as putting action to knowledge all they are is a lot of mouth no commitment to action. know  Success & happiness is a by product of mental readiness, mental clarity, and Mental boldness. 

THINK ABOUT THIS…Most of the time life will outmatch you; overthrow your concentration as long as you refuse to mature up & embrace a Dedicated Focus and Mindset.

There are the Scattered Brained who allow themselves to be subject to anything especially if it involves the least path of resistance & instant gratification.There are those who are Rattle Brained whose whims, fears, perceptions,  & Chicken Little Thinking exaggerates problems & life way out of proportion.Insight starts with having a check & balance protocol with our bodies.Insight to know when to stop and refresh, restore, replenish, ourselves starting with our thoughts, our mindsets, our mental habits-One From the Hart

Insight takes maturity & discipline.Without it our bodies will be constantly out of balance,, fatigued, & our gut instinct fails us.I find those who are mature in focusing are alert & aware of gathering all the tools & resources at their disposal & using them to make breakthroughs & get results.


Thoughts Are Just Visitors, Let Them Come & Go

First in anything you do establish focus. Secondly select a Mindset. The fact is we are the guardians of our thoughts; our mind. When we are not guardians of our mind & thoughts our lives guaranteed will be chaotic, unproductive, even negative & destructive. We must be engaged in protecting our mindset if we are to navigate through life with confidence, determination, & clarity.You would never invite a thief into your house. So, why would you allow thoughts that steal your joy make themselves at home in your mind?

Having a mindset requires having a Heeding Mind and having a Heeding Mind requires having the discipline of an Active Listener. Most of us when we are involved in a conversation are more concerned with our reply rather than listening to what is being said. We miss out on important details. If you want your life to be different you have to start reacting to it differently-Bryant McGill

The Heedful Mind gives careful attention to any endeavor it is about to take on. It is vigilant against bullshit manipulators trying to score a quick buck, it is careful to accept one source of advice or get taken by those who propose the path of least resistance. The Heedful Mind is the watch guard for the whole body which follows the minds lead.Think like the person you want to become-Unknown

Because of lack of mental readiness we invite States of Mind that hinder us from completing goals in a timely way. Because our mind is mostly a warehouse of inaccurate information we fail to complete the true confident self we really are. The clutter of our heads prevents new knowledge, new wisdom from entering. Because of our lack of mental boldness we are prisoners of states of mind that puts us in a permanency of doubt, a know it all, & fear.Do not be conformed to this world. Do not be a prisoner of your own ignorance, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind-Apostle Paul

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About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona