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Living Upright…All of Us Have a Life to Live Up to

It’s Not What You Do                                                                                                      […]

Intentions, Taking Personal Responsibility

Accept what is, let go of what was, have faith in  what will be as long as you are working in union with God, with those of wisdom, & those who love you enough to give you correction when your life is going astray-One From the Hart   I used to ask people who solicit […]


Plunge Boldly Into the Thick of Life-Von Goethe There is certainly an epidemic of this pussified approach to life where we seek those who will appease us, pamper us, & pacify us when we don’t get our way or life has handed us an emotional boo, boo.Our drama is our way of refusing to change […]

Find Your Stride Then Continue

He that Seeketh, Findeth and to Him That Knocketh it Shall be Opened-James Allen Only by much work exerting one’s self (Finding Your Stride) from head to toe man can find every truth within his inner being & that he is the maker of his character, the molder of his life, the builder of his […]

The Life of a Miserable Brat

Socrates demonstrated long ago that the truly free individual is free only to the extent of his or hers own self-mastery. Self-mastery, self- navigation, self-control is what is needed in order to connect with the outcomes we desire. Misery is the result of an individual not living up to his or her abilities. As long […]


In my unique way of living the life of a Wellness Coach I help draw the originality & strengths out of my clients-Richard Hartner One From the Hart Two of my favorite words: Dynamis & Overcomer. Both words are in the Bible in fact the word Dynamis is mentioned 120 times in the New Testament. Life will exhaust us […]

Deliberate Steps…As Days Are So Shall Our Strength

Life is a progress, a passage through time,                                                                                        Not a station, never […]

Guardian of Your Thoughts

Things to Give Up to Have a Clutter Free Mind… * Overthinking * Negative Thinking * Mind Conversations * Fearing Change * Know It All Attitude * Reasoning * Thinking You Are in Competition With Others; With Life. * Taking Things Personal                              […]

Dedicated Focus & Mindset

Sometimes the best decision you can make is not to think, refrain from analyzing, obsess, not imagining, or predicting; stay away from figuring out & just be still & quiet & as a bonus talk with God-One From the Hart Focusing is having the Self-Control & the Maturity to settle down, to calm down, & appropriate the time, to […]

Focusing, Eyes Talk

Your Mind is the Lions Teeth                                                                                                    […]

Receiving New Life

Metanola….The journey of changing one’s mind, heart, body, way of life. Most people don’t change. They rearrange. They cherry pick their problems & push aside as usual the problems & struggles they have been escaping from. They choose the least path of resistance by running from themselves,bouncing from one relationship to another, self-medicating & boozing it up, […]

See & Live Life Differently

The Highest Form of Ignorance is When You Reject Something You Don’t Know a Thing About-Unknown In no shape or form can we see & live our lives in pure freedom & joy until we allow ourselves to be reachable & changeable from the inside of ourselves out .Self-Awareness is the gateway to an Upright […]

The Assertion Into One’s Life…Be Upright

Your Relationship With Yourself Sets the Tone for Every Other Relationship You Have. A person’s view of themselves & life & God depends on their outlook; their view from where they are at, their understanding of the workings & connecting that is known as living. Life is ground to be covered.  Think about this you’re either […]


This is the Very Perfection of a Person, to Find Out Our Own Imperfections-St. Augustine Let us take in account of ourselves, take account what we say, how we treat others,what words we commonly speak, the topics we dwell upon, the things we do, the things we should be doing but we avoid, our disposition, […]


Without Some Means of Self-Justification We Would be Forced to Face Ourselves Squarely as We are Who in This World Am I? Who in This World Do I Belong? Where in is this World Can I Thrive & Feel at Ease? Ah, The Answers to These Questions Depend on How Aware We are to Ourselves […]

When We Run Out of Ourselves

Life becomes a mad scramble for gain and speed, at the expense of one’s health & relationship with God. We live hurriedly, we bypass important details, & we think we have living down pat-One From the Hart Getting past our own selves is the hardest thing to do. This is stress. Most of us are […]

The Call to Endure, Time to Exert Your Life

Success is never final & failure fatal. It’s courage that counts-Winston Churchill Staying well, feeling the empowerment of a clear & purposeful mindset, a body that moves free-flowing, determined to tell the story of someone who never, never backed away from a struggle.Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart as if you […]

Getting Relational

This is about relating to the people in your environment. People you know, people your unfamiliar with, people that will give you unsolicited advice, & people who will interrupt you.Relational or how relational of a person you are depends on the conditions you placed on yourself & the condition of your well-being. Are you someone […]

Fear of Uncertainty

Everybody’s Life’s Lessons are ready & in store sometime in their lives. Call it Wake Up Calls it is another one of those inevitable happenings that is going to stop you in your hurried tracks & will get your attention.The Big Interruption. You’ll have to drop your cell phone for this! The Big Interruption, a lesson in […]

Live Above Discouragement

Hell is enjoyment of our own way forever-Dorothy Sayer A well life is paced with a lively tempo, an optimistic attitude, & most important an inspirited heart. A well life at any age lives within a purposeful direction, an openness to reasoning, a willingness to learn, relearn, & apply your abilities to some worthwhile endeavor […]


The best measuring stick if you are living up to the kind of person you should be for yourself & loved ones & God is answering to this: ARE YOU TODAY LIVING UP TO THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF? When we resist the opportunity to improve ourselves through education, feedback from those who care about […]

Pain Makes People Change…Resistance

You can not be an Overcomer (please read previous blog Overcomer) when all you do is try to live in an insulated bubble. Meaning; try to do everything on your own, attempt to isolate yourself from connecting with people, run from anything that disagrees with you, challenges you, interrupts your expectations that life should be without […]

Be an Ovecomer

Those who have a defined purpose in life & continually are active in pursuing that purpose & building upon that purpose will overcome any struggle. Overcome means to seek best outcomes in any situation-One From the Hart In the Bible Jesus encourages his people to remain steadfast through trials; to master  trials, struggles, & pain.The mature-wise-reality based person knows […]

To be Empowered

Talking about your problems, picking at what’s wrong  is our greatest addiction & the hardest habit to break- Rita Schiano To be empowered is a willingness to take risks & to resolve the things about us that have been a contention of avoidance & fear. Follow through & outcomes are the only ways you can […]

Five Answers to Every Question

Most people wake up feeling righteous, convinced that their behavior in life is always just & Justifiable-One From the Hart To every question we need to have answered there are at least five answers to that question. These are questions we need answered on a daily basis that involve our health & well-being, religion & […]

We Are Our Own Curse

We are our own curse, we dig our own holes-Coach Gary Grimes Friday Night Light We are our own curse by our personal resistances. Resistance  means you refuse to apply new remedies, new ideas, new knowledge, nor listen to feedback that has the potential to help you better your well being. A free life is […]

Process…The Practice of Effective Living

Live Life Big, Bold, & Out Loud! Shannon L. Alder A Process, a process that does it right  gets results & constantly is self-perpetuating & empowering. Self-perpetuating means to continue one’s self indefinitely. The Best Way to Live a Free & Joyous Life is to Not Look for Quick Answers A process is the best […]

No Gridlocks

Life’s Greatest Achievement …..Is the Continual Remaking of Yourself So That You Know How to Live -Winfred Rhodes If you are continually remaking yourself then your life will not experience long-term gridlocks. If you continue to dwell on your problems & lousy circumstances your life will be one big gridlock…One Big Impossible Situation Far too […]

What Do You Want to Happen in Your Life?

You Get What You Get in Life Because of Your Beliefs-One From the Hart If you remove any blame from your thoughts, remove blame from your vocabulary you will see fairly quick positive results. Positive results such the availability of resources & people who can help you-further your cause. The removal of blame from your […]

Be in Constant Movement…Lets Persevere!

If its important to you then that importance will be shown through actions & outcomes. If it is not important you’ll have fools talk & find excuses-One From the Hart It is inevitable in life that you will be forced to persevere. You Have No Security Unless You Live Bravely, Imaginatively, Faithfully, & Resourcefully-OFH Perseverance […]

Resolve…Forever Carry On !

The Power to Go on Indefinitely…Resolve This is from Thomas Merton’s No Man is an Island & without a doubt most befitting of the topic of having Resolve. We are made for an act that gathers up all the powers & capacities of our being & offers them simultaneously & forever to God. Resolve is […]

When are You Going to Grow Up?

The root of stress has to do with immaturity…Your methods of approaching life, dealing with life’s adversities, the way you accept reality, & how you get along with people especially those who oppose you. Traditionally right now what are your methods of dealing with the rigors of life? Immaturity will cost you jobs, money, & […]

Maturity, Immaturity, Me First Thinking

This is from one of my favorite writers & sadly he died at an early age…John Donohue May I live this day courageous in  thought compassionate of heart gracious of awareness gentile in word and generous  in love We must own up to our mistakes, face our inadequacies, resolve our own conflicts & decide to grow up-Neil Anderson […]

Live Mightily!

We Are Afraid of the Enormity of the Possible…Emile Cioran Enormity means largeness, extent, & in this case the greatness in size of your thinking & heart.Man is relatively comfortable grasping a simple few things of this world. Man gets real uncomfortable when the core of his character is roused & shaken & required to […]

Accentuate the Achievable.. More About the Mind

Only when we accept the limitations of our partial knowledge can we permit ourselves to accept new knowledge & apply it in our daily life. One From the Hart It is Us & Our Way of Thinking Not God, Not Circumstances, Not Others That Deny Us of Our Happiness-OFH Thinking is Good When You Give […]

THOUGHTS…We are What We Dwell on

Scientists Say that 90% of Our Thoughts are Negative Reset Your Mindset Dictate the Terms of Your Life For some their heads are this pressure cooker filled with worry, hurry, doubt, criticism, cynicism, comparison, & the influences of those who do nothing but disable their betterment. We are what we repeatedly dwell on. Wellness begins & […]

Influences-Get a Backbone

You are the average of the three people you talk & interact with everyday. This means those you communicate & collaborate with by Facebook, e-mail, etc. Right now who are your three trusted influences & why? Your circle of influences dictates your path-John Bielecki The formula to an empowered life is having influences that represent your […]

Time…How We Approach Life

Those who thrive in life tend to live longer & when its time to leave this earth they have no regrets or unfinished business with family & friends.Until you find what you want most of your life will be acts of randomness-One From the Hart How we approach life is in direct connection with how we feel […]

Stay the Course & Thrive in Life!

People let themselves down because they fail to apply themselves at the time & moment they stand in-Unknown Most people just live out their lives routinely & exist. Petrified of the mysteries of life, a nonbeliever of the promises of God, & a pure cynic nature  that has accumulated because you have lost your curiosity […]

Navigate Through Life Effectively…Nothing is Out of Reach

The Bible refers to our bodies as a Vessel.  Like a ship on the sea. I’m with that. Except we move on the Sea of Reality everyday unless we are incapacitated by substance abuse, fear, procrastination,& indecisiveness. Our bodies, our vessel carries the abilities, characteristics, inspirit, thoughts, & heart  that  enables us to be in a  determined process. Show me […]

Mean What You Say, Say What You Mean

Under the banner of one of the hardest thing for a human being to do,  following up on what you committed to is it. Next to that is accepting responsibility for your words & actions-OFH Follow through is a rarity today at any age. We want to do things when we are ready & when […]

Having Personal Freedom

You have Freedom & then you Misery or in a mind set of misery. Most people until they grow up, wise up, & Christ up, attempt to find their freedom in things outside themselves. Real, pure, fountain of youth freedom comes internally-One From the Hart Misery makes the body stink like a sewer. You stink […]

Grow Up, Wise Up, Christ Up

The sign when a person has found maturity; self-accountability, & claimed their personal duty to their life is when they learned & understood that their only opponent is themselves & to take initiative to get help-One From the Hart You’ve begun to wise up when you realize in order to get the things you always […]

Push Back, Opposition, Rejection…Resistance

From the Cradle to the Grave Your Life is Formed Each Day. The Sooner You Accept the Duty to Empower Your Unique Life the  More Leverage You’ll Always Have-One From the Hart Leverage or the act of Leveraging means to obtain an advantage. This means through being an active learner, associating with people that thrive on life, who […]

Goals are Lame

All of us are attempting to make headway in our lives sadly most of us never get the outcomes we want. Being well mentally, wholeheartedly, spiritually, physically-bodily, & financially means to make headway in your life everyday through a process. Most of us use the hit & miss method when it comes to getting the […]

Making Better Days

As much as a lot of us complain, whine, & wish we were someone else, some place else our willingness to break the ranks of our fears & attachment to our routine is greater. Most of us would rather hang onto unapproachable people attitudes & unhealthy habits than make effective changes.Today be approachable & let […]

Fear of Math

MathaPhobia…How you can overcome you. Olympia LePoint & Penny Scott This is about those 18-26 who are in a time period of building up one’s life. Building your foundation with work experience & getting Credentials essential all at the same time. Empowering your life through a solid work ethic, navigating through life with wide-alert eyes & […]

We Live in a Stress Reactive Society

Today we are desperately seeking answers to complex problems through the twist of a knob, a push of a button, a sound bite, a pop of a pill, a one minute “hello” & “goodbye conversation & we confuse God with a Jeanie in a bottle-One From the Hart When you see the word:Discernment chances are the […]

Work Life & Let Life Work You

I know people who virtually has no personal freedom because of their preoccupation with fear & control. Sure their working, providing, going through the motions of what is required of them but they are not thriving in life. They are  like sheep being herded from one place to another & in between standing still hoping […]

Life is Being the Best Version of Yourself

When it gets down to the very heart of living & thriving in life its all about your personal effectiveness. An effective life consistently thrives & gets us past all the distractions & emotional rubbish-One From the Hart There are people who expect a non-resistive life. They expect to not be interfered upon, corrected, or disagreed […]

Be Effective Within Yourself

Control the self that is in your control. Indwell solely on each day at a time. Be in your purpose! One From the Hart Effectiveness is making better days happen. It is the GO GET IT side of our nature. All of us have a portion of our life that needs go getting. Some of […]

Rigmarole.. Self-inflicted complications

  Some of us who thrive in life resolve our problems while others nurse them, claim victim, come up with excuse after excuse why they can’t hold up their own-One From the Hart Through the Eyes & the Ears of a Child-Like Adult Life is All About Gimme, Gimme, Who Owes Me, Owes Me! Rigmarole […]

Ageless Body Timeless Mind

An ageless body needs to be roused constantly. I wrote a blog on the subject of being roused. A timeless mind never settles for what you know. A timeless mind is in constant search, constant curiosity. An ageless body is always in some process-One From the Hart  The well body, the joyous self, the peace […]

Making it a Habit of Knowing…INSIGHT

Give Me a Place to Stand & I Will Move the Earth-Unknown Far too many of us rely on our jobs & people to define us, to get us through a day, to encourage us when were down. Far too many of us wait for the right opportunity to come.Insight means to initiate & work your abilities […]

Focus on the Day

Let Your Intentions be Direct, Your Words Few, Your Goals Prioritized  & Concerned, & in the Process Your Life is Constantly Invigorated With New Hope! One From the Hart Self-Control means to value & understand how time matters & the awareness of navigating through life. We accumulate stress, we are overwhelmingly worn by time when we lack […]

Taking it Personally Part Four…Forgive

Let me repeat what I constantly remind myself & clients & that’s: Life is About Parting Ways…And the next part of that is…Let Us Take Account of Ourselves…And…Call to Understanding the Life We Can Have Ahead-One From the Hart Forgive.. With Malice Toward None, Clarity for All-Abraham Lincoln Until you quit letting your feelings & […]

Taking it Personally…Gimme, Gimme, Gimme Part III

Wellness is having freedom of thought, freedom of heart, freedom of mobility to seek out & find  life. How terrible is the pain of the mind & heart when the freedom of mankind is suppressed-E.A. Buchiameri 2 Timothy 1:17 God gave us a spirit not of fear, not of worry, not of belly aching self-pity. He gave […]

Taking Yourself Personally Part Two

Can’t laugh, Can’t Have Fun, Can’t Have Lasting Relationships, No Dreams, No Hope, Cause Life Revolves Around Me, Myself, and I!-One From the Hart Remove Self-Centeredness Taking yourself personally is a defensive stand to life. It divides you from God, & it transforms you into a coward. You can easily tell someone takes themselves personally by the words they use […]

Taking Things Personally Part One

Taking things personally would be right up there in the top five stressors in our lives. Taking things personally is absorbing everything. Taking things personally most of the time is being under the illusion that you can control things beyond your own personal self. Parents especially single moms are constantly over compensating for what they feel […]

Get Roused

There are things in us that are positive & desiring that lay dormant in us by our doing. Authority within us to change, to conquer self-imposed limits, authority to connect with life & thrive-One From the Hart Three things that will Rouse the human body from head to toe….1.Pure factual-truthful feedback. 2. God interrupting your […]

The Fixed Person

We Age Inside & Outside…This depends on the things we are driven to, what we dwell upon in thought & relationship with God. We Age Inside & Outside…depending on how you exaggerate problems & struggles & your own importance & how much you are alert to the people in your presence.How Fast We Age Inside […]

Allow to be Interrupted

If you wholeheartedly desire to wipe your heart & mind of the past, of your failures, your guilt, your shame, regret,or anything else that is preventing you from having the life you desire  then Allow yourself to be interrupted. Be interrupted by God, by strangers, by those from all walks of life who come equipped […]

Find Your Life

As a reminder to the young adults I coach & advise:The World Will Take You to Task. This especially from 18-30 when young adults should be in a high energy process of building  up their lives. Building up meaning becoming competent-qualified at something.  I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all […]

Stay Away From Stupid

A Tiger Doesn’t Lose Sleep Over the Opinion of a Sheep-Unknown Wellness is that unique Ease of Confidence you have when you have made it your first purpose in your young adult life to know who you are & what  outcomes you specifically seek-Stupidity is when you have at your finger tips the ability to […]


If You Do Not Have Healthy-Wellness Mindsets Aging Can be a  Bitch! There are people who treat their bodies like pachyderms making their way through life lugging the burdens, the excess internal struggles, guilt, rejection, & burden of over-weight. 90% of the time we misdiagnose our own wellness or simply lie about it convincing others were […]

This Time Now!

I Have a Young Man’s Soul in an Old Man’s Body-One From the Hart I meet people everyday who treat aging as if it is a disease. These are the same people that in their youth & middle age threw away valuable time on self-indulgent pursuits. Men & women who never pinpointed what they really […]


We turn not older with years, but newer every day-Emily Dickinson At any age life is to go on, life is to be applied & from her excellent book: The Gift of Years by Joan Chittister….”We must be up for lives or we will foreclose on it.” From 18 to 102 ( 102 is the […]

Know Life

We waste too much time trying to prove how much we know rather than listening, learning, & getting the answers to questions we desperately need. Know the difference between you accepting & dealing with life through your perceptions, interpretations, & ingrained personal biases rather than the actual truth & facts-OFH When we assume that we got all the […]

The Disabled

A free life is a lifestyle in which you make use of your abilities & God given gifts & get the outcomes you desire-One From the Hart Here in the land of One From the Hart a disabled person is someone who refuses to embrace his or hers abilities & God given gifts & apply […]

Find Your Place

Life is a finding place not a hiding place You can have  college degrees; all the smarts you want to brag about but if you don’t know how to step out into that great unknown called life & connect up with the people & resources that will lead you to what you are seeking you’ll […]

Be Alert, Be Prepared…Breakthroughs

Most opportunities are neglected not because they’re unwanted but because they’re unrecognized-Unknown I have a friend who always is reinforcing my good fortunes by saying: Keep on making breakthroughs. Breakthroughs in life are a result of knowing what you want, knowing what information you need, & knowing who you need to connect with. If you’re […]


Worry is trying to come to a conclusion without God in the equation-Unknown 90% of our stress is self-induced. We allow it to enter our minds, then we give it prominence through our mental banter & reluctance to effectively seek the right solutions. Stress in an exhausted body system that is dealing with life on many […]

Moving Forward

Did you ever meet someone who exaggerates their pain? It’s as if their pain & suffering is the worst & their central theme of living is going on & on about how their pain & suffering is keeping them from having a fulfilled & joyous life? When you get down to the bare bones of […]

Decision to Act

To Act Upon Your Life & Remove the Lies, & Childish Pride is a Decision of Taking Authority of Who You Really Want to Become-One From the Hart The fact of the matter is that real change can not be on your terms. That King/ Queen Baby inside you that has been dictating your life must be […]

Come to Fruition

The world’s a fine place for those who go out & take it. If we stir things up & work hard our efforts will be rewarding-One From the Hart Fruition is a completion of something. A fulfillment, conclusion, attainment, & finalizing. The usefulness of a process is to carry you through to a fruition & […]


Some People Change While Others Mutate Most people I meet think they are making changes but all they are doing is rearranging things, content with living a fragmented life missing out in knowing they are free from the inside out. What We Fear the Most is Going One-One With Ourselves Then Seeking Help to Make Effective […]

Short Cuts

I want it now & I want it painless. These are the times of taking short cuts. No time for a process, no time for conversations, forget the details, no time to hear the voice of reason. Short cuts; skim over, quick glance, minimal effort. Short cuts crowd out details we need to know, questions […]

The Greatest Challenge

The greatest challenge in life is getting to know who we are; knowing the abilities that have been bestowed upon us & apply them daily in our life-One From the Hart              

Proceed Without Limits

Proceed Without Limits Our duty as men & women is to proceed as if limits to our abilities DO NOT EXIST. Wellness is when the human body is functioning & flourishing freely on all cylinders from our head to our toes. WELLNESS is allowing our lives to be overhauled & fortified & restored from the […]

The World Will Take You To Task

The World Will Take You To Task Now, if you know what you’re worth you gotta be willing to take the hits of life and not be pointing fingers saying you aint where you wanna be because of him or her or anybody. Cowards do that & that ain’t you You’re better than that! From […]


Words: As Your Words Go So Does Your Life

As Your Words Go So Does Your Life They say the average adult taps out at 20,000-23,000 personal vocabulary words depending on how much of an active learner you are and the kind of people you associate with. Words matter! Words reveal your current disposition and attitude about yourself and life. Words are used to […]


Attitude Of Commitment

Attitude Of Commitment One From the Hart is all about being confidently equipped to step into your life. It’s all about getting results & outcomes you long desired. The majority of my writings come from personal experience in working with people from all over the United States, getting in the thick of the human condition […]


Your Pink Slip

Your Pink Slip It ain’t no practice life… We get only one shot Nobody gets around twice Cause this ain’t no practice – Andy Gregg I learned to use and manage my time way better when I realized time has been allotted to me. Time is not just time and it has an expiration date […]



Understanding Without a doubt the worst habit is unawareness. I meet more people who intentionally make themselves unaware of things around them than those who missed things in the mix of chaos, fatigue, and stupidity. Unawareness, those who are tone deaf to the obvious needs of their own wrongness and those who hide behind their […]


Pursue & Apply It Forward

PURSUE & APPLY IT FORWARD Chances Don’t Approach You, it’s You Who Approach Chances – Toba Bata What is certain in everyone’s life is that we are able to contribute, able to be productive, and able to communicate with people and God. Able being the key word. The Latin word for Able is Polleo which […]


Gratitude:Finding Your Enough

Gratitude: Finding Your Enough The root to all stress is not having a sense of “Enough”. Having the maturity to know what you want, know what matters to you, know your priorities & know who means something to you. Acknowledge to those in your life who are for you betterment, who give you feedback, who […]


Let Us Extend Oursleves

Let Us Extend Ourselves “God gave us a gift of 86,000 seconds today. Have you taken the time to say ‘Thank You’?” ~ William Ward Another good saying: “All of us die but not all of us live” ~ From the movie Braveheart To live fully means to appreciate the God given gifts we have. […]


Freedom Comes When We Live a Thankful Life

Freedom Comes When We Live a Thankful Life All of us come from an extension of someone else…First God, then our parents, grandparents, extended family. This is empowerment & as long as you remember this you will have freedom & as long as you have freedom it is even more empowering to everyday give thanks because […]


Struggling To Live

Struggling To Live Well-being is about knowing who you are. Knowing what you want & pursuing that want no matter the struggle.The big question always is: What do you want from yourself? Big question number two: What do you want & what ‘s stopping you from getting it? Our highest form of stress is putting […]