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Control the self that is in your control. Indwell solely on each day at a time. Be in your purpose! One From the Hart

Effectiveness is making better days happen. It is the GO GET IT side of our nature. All of us have a portion of our life that needs go getting. Some of us need to make corrections in our life so that we can be effective & free. I see it all the time, people who have decided to just stare at their lives, stagnate, they accept themselves as small, minimal, wallowing in self-deterioration- One From the Hart

Life is Not to be Merely Alive But to be Well!

Then I’m with those young & old who get it. Those who own up to who they are, those are part of the flow of life through applying their abilities, making use of their God given gifts, & being in a state of demonstrative love for their family by being available & approachable.OFH

To Go Get It…Allow Yourself to be Interrupted, Corrected, & Instructed. To Go Get It…Take Timely Initiative…Have all Intentions to Proceed With Who You Are…Quit Using Your Kids As Pawns & Excuses….One From the Hart





About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona