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Most opportunities are neglected not because they’re unwanted but because they’re unrecognized-Unknown

I have a friend who always is reinforcing my good fortunes by saying: Keep on making breakthroughs. Breakthroughs in life are a result of knowing what you want, knowing what information you need, & knowing who you need to connect with. If you’re in the right process breakthroughs will continually come-One From the Hart

Breakthroughs are determined by how you make good impressions, your ability to captivate someone’s interest through a person to person conversation. Excellent people outcomes are a result of timely follow through.

Breakthroughs come by having unfailing sources of resources. Surrounding yourself with people who are interested in your betterment. We are vulnerable because we live in time & in time come opportunities we never may have. In time its how we use it & how we fill it. It’s up to you to make your time, go out in the abyss called life & find what you want-OFH

About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona

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