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If you wholeheartedly desire to wipe your heart & mind of the past, of your failures, your guilt, your shame, regret,or anything else that is preventing you from having the life you desire  then Allow yourself to be interrupted.

Be interrupted by God, by strangers, by those from all walks of life who come equipped with wisdom, direction, & feedback for your betterment & freedom of life.

A struggling life is not a cursed life. A struggling life is a fearful life, a procrastinated life, a life of taking things personally,  a life of condemnation,a life that is cocooned in self-righteousness, topped off with an adversarial disposition-One From the Hart

A struggling life does not need enablers, reason, nor does it need hours upon hours of dead-end conversations from friends & family.The definition of blame is: Finding an Enemy.

A struggling life needs the opposition of fresh knowledge, facts, & feedback so you can release yourself from your self-righteous-adversarial disposition. Our worst enemy, our major roadblock is ourselves & the thoughts & agreements that continually impose dysfunction on our own lives & the lives of our family. When we take things personally we refuse to let God intervene & the help of others take shape in our lives-OFH











A struggling life is a life that is in need of letting God bare some load,  letting facts & truth stop a runaway imagination & interrupt your life to be in a process that  will bring a bout restoration, reinvigoration, & hope.

Today & Every  Day Give it One From the Hart











About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona

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