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Only when we accept the limitations of our partial knowledge can we permit ourselves to accept new knowledge & apply it in our daily life. One From the Hart

It is Us & Our Way of Thinking Not God, Not Circumstances, Not Others That Deny Us of Our Happiness-OFH

Thinking is Good When You Give Yourself a Deadline. Otherwise Overthinking Will Turn Into Procrastination & Procrastination Will Lead to Quit-OFH

Having this adversarial mindset that you are in competition with people, that asking for help, asking questions, asking for someone how to do something is a form of weaknesses well, you still have some growing up to do.Pure mental laziness is when as we age we stay fixed in thoughts. We stay fixed in our approach to life.

Take Yourself Out of the Strain of Doing into the Peace of Clarity of Thoughts

We become less mentally biased, way less narrow-minded, & controlled by our strongholds when we grow up & mature & realize our way of life depends on first our thinking & how much we are confident in our navigation of life.

Ignorance is the state of mind of being purposely uninformed. Big rule of living a thriving & healthy life is that people & all the goings on never appear as they are. All of us have the power of curiosity, inquiry which is to dig deeper into things & know more. Failure to use these powers turns us into a lazy, stale, fixed-senile person-OFH

Nature Determines Your Age but it is You That Determines Your State of Mind

Accentuate means to intensify your thinking. It means to bring your thoughts in for inspection. It means a reawakening of how you have been making your way through life. Old fixed thinking turns into strongholds. Strongholds are mental invites. Once you let them in they stay until they are  dealt with. These are influences, agreements, detrimental to our well-being, relationships, & personal freedom.

We Just Don’t Drift into Positive Outcomes. We prioritize Them & Discipline Our Thinking & Lifestyle-Andy Stanley

If we are to endure the pains & rigors of the change of life which is going to happen as we age it is essential that our minds are alert & receptive to making the timely changes so that our body follows suit & we are able to thrive in life & appreciate what we got.

A mind dedicated to optimistic todays & tomorrows will always be vigilant of best case scenarios-One From the Hart

Note: In regards to this blog I highly recommend reading: Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer





































About the author: Richard Hartner is a wellness coach in Tucson Arizona