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One From The Hart is a program designed around the individual. However, each individual needs someone by their side motivating them to be the best person they can be. That is why I want you to know more about the person that will be coaching you.

Richard Hartner Tucson Arizona Wellness Coach

That’s me.

My name is Richard Hartner.

I am a Wellness Coach.

​I have been in the business of helping people to make lasting changes towards living a positive, effective life for over 30 years.

This energetic, creative, persistent, deep baritone voice-of-a-Christian-man from Pittsburgh Pa. has had extensive experiences in motivating people from diversified ages, backgrounds & cultures.

My passion in life is connecting with strangers where they are in their journey in life and assisting them in overcoming any immediate adversities they may be presently encountering.

More often than not, they return to me for more help.

A Big Life Is to be Connected to All Things Possible.

This my theme, my mantra and my mission when it comes to building up people:

  • Helping them to pinpoint their unique abilities so they can maximize their talents
  • Awakening their strengths that have been resting in apathy so they can navigate
  • Rejuvenating a body that has been conditioned to quit so they can meet life head on

That’s what I do.

I help them navigate this sometimes crazy place.

My favorite word is “Process”.

When you participate in the One From the Hart experience, the outcomes you want happen. To be clear, it’s not immediate.

It’s a process.

How long it takes to see the end result of this process depends on your commitment to the process.

We work on your challenges together until we experience the result.

When you master one part of the process, the next process becomes that much quicker and easier because you now have experience. Next, we move on to the next process. We master that.

Once we start the journey, we eventually arrive at our destination.

Before we begin,

Let me ask you a simple question:

What do you really want and what are you doing to get it?

Think about it for a moment.

It’s the only question that matters.

A) Desire
B) Action

You must first know what you really want and then you must have an action plan to get it, right? An action plan must include the most effective strategy to get the desired result.

If their are real challenges and obstacles between you and what you want, isn’t it super-important for you to know exactly how you can overcome them before hand?

We know that obstacles are inevitable. It’s the reality.

We don’t work on pretending obstacles don’t exist. They do.

We work together to prepare you for dealing with challenges.

Most failures happen due to lack of planning and not being prepared to deal with the challenges & obstacles when they appear.

You can count on the fact that there will always be obstacles.

But know this fact…

The Obstacle Serves A Purpose

The reason it is there in the first place is to challenge your commitment to getting what you want and it is completely automatic.

It’s as if the Universe is asking you,

“Do you really want it?”

Well, do you?

OK. Be willing to accept the challenges & obstacles because…

Nothing in Life worth having comes without effort.

There may be serious challenges in you getting what you want, but it does not mean that it is impossible or that you can’t get pretty close.

Here’s the secret…

Obstacles & challenges may appear frightening, can be really annoying, seem to appear out of nowhere and can come in any form (including the voice or actions of your closest friends  and loved ones) but they serve a very important function and it isn’t “personal” any more than the weather is.

Most folks simply give up. They take it personally.

I assure you, this phenomenon is impersonal. 

Did you know that you can actually navigate by those “obstacles”?

When attempting to change something, the resistance to that change is automatic!

When this happens, it means you are going in the right direction

Consistent Action

The trick here is to not let the appearance of an “obstacle” block forward momentum. Yes, obstacles are difficult and in inverse proportion to the task at hand, but by there very appearance it is actually a positive indication.  The bigger the change, the bigger the obstacle. Take consistent action and keep moving forward despite the apparent obstacle.


We start with many small changes, then build up to the major change you have in your goal. By the time you get close, you are already well-prepared for the final challenge.

That’s the process!


Richard Hartner

P.S. If you would like to explore this further together, please contact me.